Used Gear For Sale

Al's Audio has an ever-changing list of gear for sale. Some of these items are listed below, but we have much more available in store. Call us or come see us to inquire about specific items you are looking for.

Item Description Price
TAC Scorpion II 40-channel console with road case $150
Soundcraft SM16 48-channel monitor console with road case and power supply $3,000
Leprecon LP-2000 96-fader lighting console with road case $125
Yamaha PM-5D 48-channel digital console with road case and power supply $15,000
Soundcraft GB8 32-channel console with road case $1,500
Soundcraft K2 40-channel console with road case and power supply $2,500
Stanton C.501 Professional dual-tray CD player $25
Allen & Heath PA20 16-channel mixer with onboard effects $350
Yamaha SPX90II Digital effects processor $100
Aphex 622 Dual-channel expander/gate $225
Al's Audio BG30 Bi-amped multi-purpose cabinet with dual 15" speakers $1,000
dbx 1231 Dual 31-band graphic equalizer $100
Symetrix 524E Multi-mode electronic crossover $50
dbx 2031 Single channel 31-band graphic equalizer $150
Soundcraft CPS275 Console power supply $300
Par 64 x4 Bar of 4 Par 64 stage lights $120
Penn TE-064 Pro Tower lift truss stands $50
Lexicon MPX550 Digital effects processor $100
tc Electronics M1 Digital effects processor $50
Lexicon MPX110 Digital effects processor $50
JBL M644 Quad-channel expander/gate $100
Valley Gatex Quad-channel expander/gate $50
Lexicon LXP-1 Digital effects processor $50
BSS DPR422 Dual channel compressor/de-esser $250
dbx 1074 Quad-channel expander/gate $100
ADJ Inno Scan LED effect light $500
DJ light Various incandescent DJ lights with C-clamps $50
ADJ Monster Fun LED effect light $200
ADJ RGB3C DMX light controller $100
ADJ RGBW4C DMX light controller $150
CA-1612J DMX light controller $100
LitePuter CX-815 Light chase controller $40
LitePuter CX-5 Light controller $20
ADJ SC-8FC 8-channel analog light controller $50
LitePuter TX-1201 Light controller $25
Denon DNV210 Professional, rack-mountable DVD player $200
MotionScreens MSSL120W 120" pull down screen with white case $150
ScreenWorks 7.5x10MW 7.5ft x 10ft front projection surface $300
Shure Beta56 Drum microphone with clamp $125
Shure Beta98 Drum microphone with clamp $150
ETC Source4 Jr. Zoom 575 Ellipsoidal light $400
Korg Triton Extreme 76-key synthesizer/workstation $900